Конференция по мобильной разработке

11 ноября 2017
Гостиница «Славянская Рэдиссон»,
г. Москва, Площадь Европы д.2

Android meets Docker

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CI is an eternal topic in software engineering, it is still evolving for mobile. With an introduction to Docker, and a well-crafted Docker image for Android, this talk will guide you through all aspects of using Docker for Android CI — benefits, limitations, pitfalls, tweaks, and performance. It wouldn't be complete without a live demo, showing you how to setup a Jenkins Android slave via Android Docker image with minimal effort in 2 minutes (yes, really). This talk will help you build your own Acme CI at zero cost. Last but not least, there are some other tips about how Docker could help your mobile engineering.

Jing Li, mytaxi

Jing Li is a language-agnostic software engineer with a focus on tools, quality and CI. He dedicated himself to mobile industry throughout the past decade, can't stop playing with gadgets. As an active GitHub user having various open source projects alongside heaps of stargazers, he is passionate about crafting tools.

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