Conference for mobile developers

November 11, 2017
Radisson Slavyanskaya,
Europe Square 2, Moscow

Make your gadget talk: Google Assistant

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Google Assistant is a new way to interact with the Web. In this talk we will show how to get started with writing apps for Google Assistant and test them on Android, iOS and Google Home device. In 40 minutes we will write an app from scratch and will debug it together using Google Home device.

Alexey Buzdin, GDG Riga

Alexey is a passionate developer and trainer that is into cross-platform mobile tech. He is always looking forward to talk about various technologies, technical challenges and share his opinion about them. High chance that you can see him speaking or stalking in pretty much all developers communities in Riga, Latvia. In addition he is also an organizer of Google Developers Group Riga, Java User Group Latvia and annual Riga Dev Day conference.

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