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November 11, 2017
Radisson Slavyanskaya,
Europe Square 2, Moscow

Writing Java-friendly Kotlin code

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While Kotlin becomes more and more popular, lots of Java libraries are getting Kotlin helpers to make their usage in Kotlin code more idiomatic and clean. People, who’ve already tried Kotlin, understand that this language is much more pleasant to write code in than Java. Sure, one of the main selling sides of the language is its stunning Java interoperability. It’s really easy to call Java code from Kotlin, however, the opposite has its pitfalls.

In this talk we'll discuss, what tools Kotlin creators have prepared for such cases and how they will affect the resulting JVM bytecode. This talk will be useful not only for library creators, but also for developers who are hesitant to migrate their Java codebase.

Sergey Ryabov, Independent Developer

Sergey Ryabov is an independent Android Engineer with backend development background. Several years ago he acquired Kotlin superpowers and is now trying to use them for the greater good in his pet projects and production. Rx addict, Kotlin early adopter, digital nomad.

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