Designing UI — let's make it right

Day 1 /  / Track 1  /  RU / For practicing engineers

Usually, View plays a secondary role for architects, the screens of applications are quite often rewritten from scratch, and the fun part is connected with Rx implementation to a project. But even in UI development there are recurring moments (working with keyboard, tables, similar sign-up screens, etc.), while screens with several states or different layout (for iPhone and iPad, for instance) quite often bring forth the code of not the best quality.

This talk covers the UI development approaches, which let new developers make modifications without rewriting the code and reuse the components.

Also, a part of the talk will be dedicated to Atomic Design. Plenty of popular applications use non-standard visual components, and we here in Badoo are not an exception. To avoid multiple headaches for designers and developers, we had to find a solution, which will be presented in this talk.