Yonatan Levin

Yonatan Levin

Компания: KolGene

Yonatan is a co-founder and CTO of KolGene, being on a mission to make genetic tests usage optimized, accessible and affordable worldwide.

Previously, at Gett, which to date has raised almost $650 million in VC funding — he was the Head of Android, helping make it the world's largest on-demand transportation, delivery, and logistics company.

One of his greatest passions is helping people to learn and adopt new technologies.

As a result, he founded and now co-leads one of the largest, most active, gender diverse Android community in the world: Android Academy in Tel Aviv. 3500 members so far and they continue introducing hundreds of engineers to Android technology every year.

As a dev, Yonatan's primary expertise is Android and Mobile UX, but he's also friendly to frontend and backend technologies.

Выступления в сезоне 2018 Moscow