Royi Benyossef

Royi Benyossef

Компания: Samsung NEXT/GDE

Royi Benyossef is the ecosystem relations manager at Samsung NEXT TLV, an early stage investment and innovation arm that focuses on software and services. Royi is also an Android Google expert since 2013 with a vast experience as an Android evangelist on stages that included 4YFN/MWC, Google I/O, AppsWorld, DroidCon, CodeMotion, BABBQ and more. Prior to joining Samsung, Royi was the Android group leader at Vidmind where he managed a multinational group of engineers in designing and building Android clients for Vidmind's OTT platform as well as proprietary Android based Smart TVs and STBs with Hisense.

Выступления в сезоне 2018 Moscow

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