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How we ensure quality without sacrificing TTM

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Regardless of the developer's competence and level of responsibility, everyone is frustrated by the bugs flying off and the declining stability of the application. Think about how much time it takes to fix bugs that keep piling up and you can't get to them. Not to mention the annoyance of customers, which pours out on the support team.

However, some of these problems can be ironed out not only before the development stage, but during operation as well. Using the example of the CIAN application, you will learn how to improve fault tolerance even before the development of a feature by following simple agreements. We will talk about how to make the most out of autotests, minimizing their maintenance, how to take the load off the client service and testers, how to organize gathering and monitoring of metrics in iOS-app and how to organize the team's work. And all this to raise the frequency of release to once a week, keeping crash-free above 99.9% for a year.

The talk will be useful for middles who have no practice in product development, CTOs and leads who are setting up processes in the team, and anyone who would like to learn about another company's experience.

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