Talk type: BOF-session

Perspectives on platforms: who will occupy the main niche, what will everyone work on?

  • Talk in Russian

Which mobile OS is the future? And how will we develop - natively or cross-platform? Flutter or KMM? Or maybe even PWA?

The debate about the future of platforms goes on forever. And it is clear that this is partly a guessing game, so you should not treat them as a strict confident predictions. But that does not mean that such discussions are useless. Listening to the arguments of different sides, you can learn a lot of interesting nuances, and look at the situation from different angles. And then, it's just fun! So at this BoF session, let's rub the platforms' bones.

At the BoF, in contrast to talks and roundtables, there is no division into participants and presenters: here everyone interacts with each other as equals. The main thing is not to off-topic and discuss the topic.

Please note: This session will only be available offline. There will be no recording or broadcasting.