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MVI and State Machine: VisualFSM state diagram visualization and analysis

  • Talk in Russian
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The speaker will talk about the approach used to visualize business logic from the program source code and the implementation of the MVI architecture, which contributes to this. He will share his experience and talk about the challenges of developing and supporting a project with a large amount of local logic — Kontur.Market Cash Desk.

The speaker will talk about the library developed by the speaker's team. VisualFSM is a Kotlin library for the implementation of MVI-architecture and a set of tools for visualization and analysis of the state diagram of a finite automaton. It is enough to add new classes of states and actions: they are automatically added to the graph of states and transitions of FSM.

The talk will be of interest to those who choose the MVI library for their project or have large state machines in their current project and want to visualize them.


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