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Modern MVI and MVVM+ from All Angles in 2023

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There are many libraries that solve a similar problem: effectively organize work with the state in the application. But solve in different ways, e.g., MVI, MVVM+, SAM, State Machine. Which gives quite a lot of fragmentation and can make it hard to choose a specific solution. Existing comparative reviews are pretty old and cover only a small fraction of the libraries and their differences.

Recently, Artyom has been doing research on over 15 different existing solutions. He has analyzed in detail the pros and cons, features, architecture variants, performance, KMP support, and Compose. Now he wants to tell you about the findings and conclusions from them.

The speaker has also tested the hypothesis that it's possible to combine all strong points of the strict MVI/Redux approach with flexibility, readability, and MVVM+ support. He will talk about this using the example of Fluxo MVI and the cost of combining these approaches and combining very easy use with rigorous testing, auto-verification, and more.

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