Denis Nekliudov Lyft/GDE
Denis Nekliudov
RU /

Scaling architecture at Lyft

The talk covers evolution and revolutions of solutions in the core structure of our codebase and explains current state and what problems it allows to solve at our scale. The audience will learn how to prototype initial app architecture in respect of later scale and what kind of solutions help to produce a sustainable product.

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John Fox Netflix
John Fox
EN /

Accessibility for iOS: Doing well by doing good

At Netflix, we care a lot about accessibility both from content and software point of view. Investments in ensuring high-quality accessibility yield multiple benefits from making automated testing possible to ensuring customer happiness.

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Konstantin Tskhovrebov Redmadrobot
Konstantin Tskhovrebov
RU /

Reactive errors, or Retry dialog in one line of code

Konstantin will tell how designing a solution for the standard task brought about an unexpected solution, revealed the essence of the reactive approach and simplified a whole lot of issues connected to this one.

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Andy Dyer Zalando
Andy Dyer
EN /

AppCraft: Faster than a speeding release train

Learn how Zalando is combining GraphQL query generation, server-driven UI, and reactive programming patterns to iterate more quickly on its flagship mobile apps.

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Dmitry Sidorenko RoboQA
Dmitry Sidorenko
RU /

Automated testing of mobile apps in the cloud

We'll discuss organizing automated testing of mobile apps with the use of cloud technologies, covering several important questions.

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Maurice Gavin Toothpic
Maurice Gavin
EN /

Tools for protecting your users' data

The tools you need to secure your Android app.

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Kirill Rozov EPAM
Kirill Rozov
RU /

Coroutining Android apps

Because of the hype around coroutines, it's easy to make lots of mistakes and drive your own project in the corner, getting countless bugs. Kirill, however, knows how to avoid this.

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