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Backend Driven… Analytics!

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How to change the text on a button without releasing a mobile app? How to show the user new screens if the app has been removed from the official stores? To solve these issues, Backend Driven UI comes to the rescue — an approach when the screens on the front are configured using the server.

Anna will show how they use BDUI at Alfa-Bank and how they collect product analytics when a user interacts with the BDUI screen. Such a screen does not contain business logic, but is a list of abstract fields. How, then, to generate analytics events, when the meaning of the incoming fields is not known?

They decided that since the backend controls the display, it is logical that it should also set up analytics, and they called it Backend Driven Analytics. With its help, they can add and change the composition of analytics events on the backend, without front releases.

The speaker will show you how they implemented analytics event models into the BDUI screen contract and how they connected them to trackers. She will tell you what difficulties they encountered along the way, what restrictions they foresaw and what tasks they put in the backlog.

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