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Declarative Architecture and Navigation with Decompose

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In modern mobile applications, the declarative approach is increasingly replacing the imperative one. You may have heard about the benefits of using a unidirectional data flow or declarative UI frameworks. But still, this is not enough to make the architecture truly declarative. Another important piece is declarative navigation.

In this talk, Alexei will explain what declarative navigation is and what problems it solves. He will also demonstrate how to implement such navigation using the Decompose library with a real example.

In addition, the speaker will discuss how declarative architecture in conjunction with the Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, allows to reuse the maximum amount of code between platforms, significantly speeding up and reducing the cost of development.

Finally, Alexei will share his experience integrating this architecture with declarative UI frameworks such as Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI. He will discuss the problems he encountered and show ways to solve them.

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